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Attention: We build and offer Turnkey Niche Websites for sale? However, at this time we are currently developing new sites to offer. During this time some links and pages may not be active or complete, please bear with us during our development. We will be completing our development soon and will be adding Niche Websites. Please feel free to browse our site during our building phase. Thank You.

What You Should Know About Niche Websites

Over the last year or so the term Niche Website has been given a bad rap and in some cases it is well deserved. Many people talk about Niche Website’s as if they are all low quality, junk, cheap, churn and burn, worthless websites that are a thing of the past, and I’ve read several articles where the author claims that Niche Websites are dead. This is simply not true. What’s dead or dying is the low quality, worthless, quickly thrown together websites that offer no value regardless of the name associated with them.  However, high quality Niche Websites that provide valuable sought after content will be around for many years to come. After all, a Niche Site is simply a website that focuses on a very specific topic.

The reason I believe Niche sites have gotten some bad press is based on the way many people built websites a few years back. Prior to 2010 you could build a one or two page website with garbage content, stuff it with keywords, buy links from a link farm or PBN, throw some ads on it, quickly get it to page one in the search engines and make hundreds or thousands each month. Many people also saw this as a business opportunity and began selling these types of low quality sites for a very low price.

Niche Website for SaleThere’s a lot of truth in the saying “You get what you pay for” and the same applies here. If someone told you that you could buy a new quality car for $1,000 that’s just as good as one that costs $20,000; would you believe it? If you search the net, Craigslist or eBay you can find plenty of Niche Websites for sale for $10, $20 or more but, rather than spending your money on some of these sites you’d be better off spending your money on dinner or a movie.

Think about it; do you really believe someone would sell a website for $20 that has the ability to produce hundreds or thousands in income every month? I don’t. If you are only looking for a cheap website that is quickly slapped together, resold hundreds or thousands of times and has auto generated or plr content that’s is already duplicated throughout the web, you need to keep looking because you won’t find it here.

But, if you’re looking for a unique, quality Niche Site that you can be proud to own, than you’re in the right spot. However, I’m not going to promise to sell you a website that or runs on autopilot and never needs touch or is unconditionally guaranteed to make you thousands of dollars each month. What I will tell you is that I build each website with the same attention to detail and quality whether I choose to sell the site our use it for myself. Today, starting a Niche website requires a lot more time and effort than it did just a few years ago. Especially if you want a site that can produce some extra income, rank well in the search engines and stand the test of time. If this interests you take a look at what we offer.


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Why Own a Niche Website?

In today’s world many individuals are looking for a way to make some additional income. Many companies are downsizing or scaling back and the cost of goods, services and health care continues to increase. People are looking for a way to bring in some extra cash without having to take on an additional job. As a result, many are starting, or want to start their own website with the hopes of reaching their goal. But, what if you don’t have the skills to design and create a site? For the unexperienced it can take weeks or even months to figure things out, and hiring someone to build a custom website can be a costly adventure.

With this in mind, we decided to create Turnkey Niche Websites in popular, sought after market areas to get you started. These website’s are complete and ready for purchase. To get started with your own website you need to complete a few simple steps:

1. Purchase a Niche Website that interests you.

2. Purchase a domain name and web hosting. Here is a link to save you some money New Customers get 25% off at!.

3. Install your new Niche Website at your Hosting provider. We offer Installation Services if you are not comfortable installing the site yourself, simply fill out an Installation Request.

4. After your site is up and running, sign up for publisher account(s) and/or affiliate account(s) (it’s free) there are several to choose from and you can have multiple accounts.

5. Market your site and wait for visitors.

6. Add additional content (if desired) to keep your visitors coming back.

Just like everything in life, you reap what you sow. To attract more visitors to your site and keep them coming back, you’ll want to continue to add fresh content, how much and how often is up to you. One of the reasons we chose Word Press is the ease of adding content, if you can use a word processor to type a letter you shouldn’t have any problems.


What Makes Our Websites An Excellent Choice!

  • Our sites are built using the newest non-beta version of WordPress, providing security, flexibility, stability and allowing for future upgrades.
  • We use an extremely customizable theme and sub themes with all the sites we build which provides for the newest mobile (smart phone and tablet) optimization.
  • Hand selected, top rated plug-ins are included with our sites.
  • Optimized, Sleek, Inviting Landing Page.
  • Custom header and quality graphics.
  • Online contact form for correspondence.
  • SEO friendly pages.
  • Pre-configured with the necessary privacy policy and terms of use pages.
  • An auto-generated sitemap for search engines.
  • Configured with web 2.0 sharing capabilities, social icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google+1 and others for social exposure.
  • Access to Hundreds of Niche related videos.
  • A visitors sitemap, provides easy viewing of the entire site.
  • A fully integrated Amazon store, ready for your affiliate id.
  • Optimally placed and sized publisher and affiliate ad blocks, ready for your id’s.
  • Already populated with content and images related to the Niche.
  • Plus much more.

There’s an old saying that actions speak louder than words, we invite you to do a live comparison of our niche sites against others. Just select the links below to see each fully functional Niche Site in action.

Ours vs Others

It would be almost impossible to review every Niche Website for sale on the internet; instead we have reviewed and compared some of the more common ones available for your convenience.

Niche Website Features Comparison:

FeaturesOur WebsitesOthers
Ad Placement and RotationYes. You can sign up for multiple publisher accounts and rotate ads between publishers. Ads can fixed or randomly placed.Limited if at all.
Click Fraud ProtectionYes. Ads can be protected from click fraud due to accidental clicks or click bombs.No
DesignSleek, Simple, Easy to Navigate Layout, Optimized for speed and to captivate the visitor.Cluttered, Confusing, Cookie-Cutter Layout with little or no optimization.
Header ImageHigh Quality ImagesLow Quality
Landing PagePowerful, Efficient and Simple. Visitors know exactly what your site is about and can easily access all areas.Visually overwhelming, Inefficient and often confusing.
Mobile ReadyYesNo
MonetizationMultiple areas (up to 16 based on layout) to insert publisher or affiliate ads. Ability to control the display of ads on a page by page basis if desired.Limit areas (4 max) to insert publisher or affiliate ads. Limited control (ads either appear on all pages or none at all).
PlatformNewest non-beta version of Word Press available.Older versions of Word Press (some several years old).
Plug-insNewest, Hand Selected, Top Rated, Developer Supported plug-ins available.Older outdated plug-ins (many no longer supported).
ThemeNewest, Highly Customizable, Flexible, Responsive theme providing Mobile Support for smart phones and tablets. Older, Little to no Customization of theme. None of the themes I found were Responsive or provided Mobile Support, many were no longer supported.
SEO OptimizedYesNo

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