Adsense Alternatives

If you were to take a survey and ask what ad program webmasters plan to use to monetize their site, I’m sure the overwhelming response would be Google’s Adsense. After all, Adsense is probably the largest, highest paying ad network for publishers; so the question becomes:

Why would anyone look for

Adsense Alternatives?

The two most common reasons:

1. You have a new or not so new website that hasn’t been accepted into the Adsense program.

2. You have an Adsense account that may be providing a very nice income and then one day you receive the dreaded email stating your account was banned.

If you happen to fall into either category, you need to find an Adsense Alternative.

Before I begin listing some alternative ad programs I would like to make a couple of suggestions; most new publishers can’t wait to start placing ads on their site in hopes of earning big money. But, if your site isn’t generating traffic you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

  • Don’t rush into things, you can have the most expensive ads on your site but the ads will only generate income if you have visitors. Focus on building traffic, get a good steady stream of quality traffic, and then worry about placing ads.
  • Diversify, if you are accepted into the Adsense program great, but it’s best to prepare a backup plan and have some alternative ad programs in your back pocket. I know of individuals that were an Adsense publisher for years, they followed all the rules and then one day out of nowhere their account was banned. Have something to fall back on.

Over the years I have tried not all but a few of the alternative ad programs listed below. I found that one ad program may work better on some of my sites than others. My advice is to sign up for a few ad program and experiment to see which one works best for your site. I place ads on my sites from multiple ad networks and rotate the ads so each network has equal viewing. Over a period of time I can see which ads perform the best on that site.

Since this post deals with Adsense alternatives, I’m only displaying ads from alternate ad programs. Also, I am practicing what I preach, the ads are being rotated (based on page refresh) so I can see which ads perform best.


Adsense Alternatives

There are several other ad programs I am looking into and will continue to update this post. Here are a few programs to get you started.

Adsense Alternatives BidvertiserYou get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad, and extra revenue if the click turns into a conversion.  Easy to be accepted into the program. Although the payout for clicks tends to be low, BidVertiser is doing something a little different by paying additional revenue when a click turns into a conversion.


Network TypeCPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click), CPA (Cost Per Action)
Ad TypeBidVertiser supports 4 groups of ads: Banners, Inline Ads, Skyscrapers and Mobile. All ads are fully customizable to fit the site's look & feel.
Ad SizesWide Skyscraper (160 X 600), Skyscraper (120 X 600), Half Page Ad (300 X 600), Full Banner (468 X 60), Leaderboard (728 X 90), Medium Rectangle (300 X 250), Large Rectangle (336 X 280), Mobile Banner (300 X 50)
RevenueAverage $0.05 to $0.30, Highest $1.00, Conversions can pay $1.00 - $10.00
Payment MethodPayments are sent via check or PayPal on a monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month.
Payment Threshold$10 for PayPal and $100 for check.
Payment Frequency30 days after the end of each calendar month.
FAQ's BidVertiser FAQ's

Adsense Alternatives breezeads

BreezeAds is a contextual advertising PPC network that shares 90 % of profits with the publisher. This may look like the best Adsense alternative since BreezeAds provides the publisher with such a high percentage of the profits, however, the pay per click amounts tend to be low. Acceptance into the program is easy; they accept almost anyone from small blogs to high traffic sites. They don’t seem to have a large advertiser based so there is a lot of repetitiveness on the ads.

Network TypePPC (Pay Per Click)
Ad TypeText Ads
Ad SizesHorizontal Banner (468 x 60), Half Banner (234 x 60), Leaderboard (728 x 90), Skyscraper (120 x 600), Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600), Wide Skyscraper 2 (160 x 400), Vertical Banner (120 x 240), Button (125 x 125), Medium Rectangle (300 x 250), Square Box (250 x 250), Small Rectangle (180 x 150), Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

RevenueAverage $0.02 to $0.20
Payment MethodPayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay, Bank Wire.
Payment Threshold$10.
Payment FrequencyPayments are sent from 25th to 30th each month.
FAQ'sBreezeAds FAQ's

Adsense Alternatives ChitkaChitika’s ads are search query driven; visitors must come to your site from a search engine for ads to be seen. Chitika’s intent is to provide ads to the right user, at the right time and in the right place. The problem is not all visitor’s to your sites will always come from search engines.

Network TypeCPC (Cost Per Click), PPC (Pay Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions)
Ad TypeText Ads, List Unit, Mobile Ads
Ad Sizes550 x 250 MEGA-Unit, 500 x 250 MEGA-Unit, 728 x 90 Leaderboard, 120 x 600 Skyscraper, 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper, 468 x 250 MEGA-Unit Jr., 468 x 180 Blog Banner, 468 x 120 Blog Banner , 468 x 90 Small Blog Banner, 468 x 60 Mini Blog Banner, 550 x 120 Content Banner, 550 x 90 Content Banner, 450 x 90 Small Content Banner, 430 x 90 Small Content Banner, 400 x 90 Small Content Banner, 300 x 250 Rectangle, 300 x 150 Rectangle, Wide, 300 x 125 Mini Rectangle, Wide, 300 x 70 Mini Rectangle, Wide, 250 x 250 Square, 200 x 200 Small Square, 160 x 160 Small Square, 336 x 280 Rectangle, 336 x 160 Rectangle, Wide, 334 x 100 Small Rectangle, Wide
RevenueAverage $0.30 to $0.60, Highest $3
Payment MethodPayments are sent via check or PayPal on a monthly basis within 30 days after the end of each calendar month.
Payment Threshold$10 for PayPal and $50 for check.
Payment Frequency30 days after the end of each calendar month.
Website URLChitika
FAQ'sChitika FAQ's


As I stated before, Adsense probably provides publishers with the highest payouts, and other ad programs may look weak in comparison. However, if Adsense is not an option you have no choice but to look elsewhere. Of course there are ways to make money from your websites without placing publisher ads, but that’s the subject of another post.

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