Available Niche Sites

Attention: As we complete the development of our site, purchasing of Niche Sites is not yet available. We will have the purchase option completed soon. If you are interested in a specific site you can make a reservation request.Thank You.

Creating excellent niche sites is more involved than just slapping together some content, images and ads. A couple of years ago this approach may have worked; but, with the introduction Google’s Penguin and Panda, how well a website performs in terms of visitors, monetization and page rank is a direct reflection of it’s design. Speed, optimization, presentation, ad quantity, ad placement and ad size is just a sample of what can make or break a website.

We have invested a lot of time, effort and research into creating Niche Sites that we believe meet all of the desired criteria. Our intent when designing our websites is to be both effective and efficient. In addition to the design, all but one of our sites (A Blank Canvas) provides you with content and images to get you started. In order to continue attracting visitors to your site and keep them coming back for more, we recommend you continue to add fresh content, how much and how often is up to you.

Available Niche Sites

A Blank Canvas – In Development

A Blank Canvas WebsiteWant your own Niche Website but you’re not really interested in the one’s we offer? Here’s your solution…A Blank Canvas. This site is ready for you to create your own Niche. It has all of the same great features as our other sites; same themes, plug-in’s and quality. You just need to personalize the site with your own content and images. What your Niche becomes is only limited by your imagination. Possibly “A Guide to Exotic Animals” or “Secrets for Bass Fishing”, you decide the sky is the limit.

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Acne – In Development

Acne WebsiteThis site is dedicated to Acne.The site is preloaded with images and (3) categories for content:

  • Articles
  • Causes & Symptoms
  • Treatments

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Body Building – Available

Body BuildersThis site is dedicated to Body Building. The site is preloaded with images and (3) categories for content:

  • Articles
  • Supplements
  • Workouts

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