Click Fraud Demo

This is a demo website used to illustrate how the websites that we build use Click Fraud Protection. You should have accessed this page from a link in our post on Click Fraud, you can view the post at Niche Website 4 Sale – Click Fraud.

We have configured Click Fraud Monitoring on this site as follows:

1. On each page there are 4 ad simulations (these are not real ads only jpegs). The Top and Two Sidebar ads monitor when they are clicked, the Bottom ad is not being monitored.

2. The top ad and two sidebar ads are simulating publisher ads. These can be from Adsense, Chitika, Bidvertiser or any other publisher you choose. The website owner earns money each time an ad is clicked. These types of ads need to be monitored and protected from Click Fraud.

3. The bottom ad is simulating an affiliate ad. These can be ads from Clickbank, Amazon, Godaddy or any other affiliate program. Website owners can earn money only when someone follows the ad link and makes a purchase on the affiliate site. Earnings are based on purchases not ad clicks, so they do not require monitoring.

4. For this senerio, we will protect the publisher ads on the top and side from Click Fraud. Since the bottom ad is an affilate ad we don’t have to worry about protecting it (but if you wanted to you could).

5. Once an individual clicks the Top or Sidebar ads 3 times, all Monitored Ads on all pages will disappear. Since the affiliate ad is not subjected to Click Fraud, it is not monitored and continues to display. Basically the ads contiune to run but are blocked from displaying ONLY for the person causing the invalid click activity. This insures that one individual or a click bot can’t cause (intentional or unintentional) invalid click activity on your account.

Give it a try, Click on the top and side ads, after the click limit is reached all Monitored ads will disappear.

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