Starting a Niche Website

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Have you either read or heard about someone that makes a good living, working from home only a few hours a week by running their own niche website? Does starting your own Niche Website interest you? If so, there are a few basic steps you need to follow:

1. First you need to choose a niche. The trick is to make sure you cover a specific potion of a broader topic. For instance, start with the broad topic of dogs, then narrow it to a specific size or breed, finally select as specific subject such as caring for or training. An example would be “Training Tips for your Labradoodle”. If you’re hoping to have your Niche perform well, you need a specific topic. Select topics that can help someone solve a problem, improve their lives, or help them feel or look better. Provide specific information that people are looking for, something you yourself finds interesting.

2. Analyze the market availability for your selected topic. You will find several methods to achieve your research. Don’t be shy, ask questions. Pay a visit to a website with a similar topic and read articles. You have to absorb as much as you can about your Niche.

3. Now that your have determined your Niche, performed your research and verified that you have selected a viable market, you need to select and purchase a domain name. There are several sources for purchasing your domain, Go Daddy, Host Gator and Blue Host are a few that come to mind. New Customers get 25% off at! Build a list of acceptable names, aim to find one that includes your niche, for example, would be a good choice. Finally, begin entering the names at the domain provider to see what’s available.

4. Now things are starting to come together but, you still need to find a host for your website. There are many hosting providers available, some free and some paid providing an array of options, shared servers, dedicated servers or even your own server.  Since there is not one best choice for everyone, you will need to spend a little time and select the one that’s best for you.

5. Next you need to provide a reason for visitors to come to your site. Do you have your own unique product you’re going to sell? Are you going to provide sought after articles, videos or audios? You need content for your niche website, so where do you find it? You have a few options:

  • Create it yourself
  • Hire someone to create it
  • Purchase Niche Sites that are already built and ready for you to use.

Keep in mind that the content is the cornerstone of you site, this is not where you want to take shortcuts, keep it fresh, unique and relevant to your topic.

6. Sign up for publisher and /or affiliate accounts. You can place ads or sell affiliate products that are theme related to help monetize your site.

7. Create your niche website. Things have changed from years past when you needed to know HTML or PHP to develop a website. Today there are many code building software programs available. More sites are being created everyday using products like Word Press, Drupal or Joomla to name a few.

8. Now that everything is complete you need traffic and visitors. There are a few ways to get traffic to your site:

  • Pay for advertising with a program like Ad words
  • Make sure your site is optimally tuned for the search engines and attract them naturally
  • Use less competitive, easier to rank for Long tail Keywords
  • Write articles and submit them to article directories
  • Use social media sites like Facebook and Pintrest

Above all be patient, it will take time for visitors to find you, but if you provide quality content you will keep them coming back. The days of ranking a website quickly have become a thing of the past. Since 2014, Google appears to be sandboxing new websites for what seems to be approximately six months. It doesn’t seem to matter how optimized the site is it looks like the site can not move on the first page of Google during this sandbox period. Don’t become discouraged and second guess yourself. If you have a quality site with unique, useful content utilizing low competition keywords, you see your site move up in the rankings, just give it time.

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