What is a Niche Website

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What is a Niche Website? First, let’s start with the definition of a niche which is simply a specialized market or area. You may have heard someone say that “I finally found my niche in life” or “Bob found his niche as a programmer”.

What is A Niche Website

A niche website follows the same pattern since it is a website that focuses on or targets a very specific topic, theme or product. The topic or theme is usually based on keywords that are frequently searched for in Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other major search engine. The topic and keywords should have low competition but high appeal (this will be the subject of a future post).

A niche website can be created for virtually any topic; however, if your intent is to monetize your site you will need visitors. So, how do your attract visitors to your site? The best way is to write content on a subject that is specifically suited to you and that you know well or is something that you have a deep interest or passion for and are willing to research.

For example, I wouldn’t consider a website dedicated to “The Holidays” to be a good niche website, since the subject covers a pretty broad subject. Instead, I would focus on a smaller area by narrowing it down to one specific holiday, perhaps Halloween. This can be taken even further by focusing on a subset of Halloween such as “Halloween Costumes” or even more specifically “Halloween Costumes for Children”. By narrowing down your target area you will be creating a unique niche website that is focused on a specialized area. Your content should be easier to create since you will be dealing with a specific idea, and you can monetize your site with publisher ads and affiliate products geared towards “Halloween Costumes for Children”.

A niche website will focus on a specific, appealing, sought after market area with low competition. The content and images should be center around the websites theme. With the proper keyword analysis, website design and properly targeted advertising, a niche website can produce a good income for many years.

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